Our mission is to protect and support the LGBTQ+ community during the process of healing after a sexual assault, the equality of their rights, and the well being of their families in Alameda County.

Purpose: Why We Exist?

There are thousands of LGBT+ men and women living in Alameda County. Many of them feel alienated and afraid to ask for help because of the lack of public support and understanding. We seek to engage the community by shining a light on the LGBTQ+ community in Alameda County.


Not everyone has a sufficient support system when facing the aftermath of sexual assault. Many feel alone and isolated when they are victims of a sexual assault and may feel they have nowhere to turn to.

The LGBTQ+ Program is here for those who need it. Even if it’s just to talk, it’s amazing how much a simple conversation can do.

LGBTQ+ Program services:

  • In-person counseling (up to 10 sessions).
  • Police, hospital and court accompaniments.
  • Support groups (coming soon)
  • Case follow-up

LGBTQ+ students are 3.4 times more likely to have attempted suicide in the last year than their straight peers. This is unacceptable. LGBTQ+’s should not be afraid of who they are, nor be bullied or mistreated. Nobody should feel less than another because of their orientation. Our goal is to educate the larger community on the issues and needs of LGBTQ+ men and women.


  • Create a safe environment for our LGBTQ+ community
  • Bring awareness to the larger community about the needs and the vulnerability of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Provide resources to the LGBTQ+ community that promote respect.
  • Give a voice to LGBTQ+ survivors.

For more information contact Isaac Davalos (bilingual) LGBTQ+-Program Manager isaac@bawar.org.