Como programa Latino, proveemos servicios completamente en espanol a nuestra comunidad, con el unico objetivo de brindarles todo el apoyo necesario desde el momento que llegan a la organizacion de una manera integral y calida.

BAWAR is committed to providing Alameda County’s growing and vital Latino community with the same level and quality of service provided to English-speakers. BAWAR is the first rape crisis center in Northern California to provide a fully staffed (40+ counselors) 24-hour rape crisis line in Spanish. The program provides linguistically-appropriate and culturally-sensitive individual counseling, support groups, healing retreats, hospital, police, and court accompaniments, advocacy, referrals, volunteer training, and community outreach. The following gives a narrative about each service and its effectiveness. 

The Latino Program provides the following services, in Spanish, to survivors of sexual violence and their communities.

  • 24 hr Hotline
  • Individual Counseling
  • Youth, Family, LGBTQIQ, Male and Female Survivor Support Groups
  • Healing Retreats for children and families
  • Hospital, Police and Courtroom Accompaniments
  • Referrals
  • Volunteer Training
  • Community Outreach

Find more information about these services below:


BAWAR’s Spanish 24-hour Hotline, is intended is to provide crisis intervention to all primary and secondary survivors of sexual violence. The hotline’s mission is to reduce the immediate impact of assault and enhance survivors and their significant-others capacity to cope with the crisis. The hotline is a best practice because of its 24-hour availability to clients, strong standards of confidentiality and effectiveness with dealing with callers suffering from acute crisis.


BAWAR provides 10 free sessions of individual counseling in Spanish to survivors of sexual abuse. BAWAR’s counseling sessions focus on philosophies of feminism, self-help, and empowerment. In sessions, there is mutual respect and equality between survivor and counselor. During sessions, counselors encourage expression of feelings, support the survivor in taking steps to increase her/his feeling of safety, provide education about the consequences of sexual assault, mobilize social support, help survivors return to pre-trauma levels of functioning, reduce emotional distress, develop and enhance positive coping mechanisms, and reinforce self-care plans. BAWAR’s counseling sessions are extremely successful in improving mental health among survivors of sexual abuse. 99% of Latino survivors served agreed that counseling intervention improved their mental health, helped them reinforce self-care, and aided them in developing positive coping mechanisms. In addition, 99% of participants were saw a reduction in their stress levels, slept and ate better, and increased social confidence. Finally, 100% agreed that counseling helped them deal effectively with triggers.


BAWAR’s Latino Program facilitates 4 support groups per year. The groups are designed for youth and parents, females, males, and  LGBTQIQ survivors. Support groups provide normalcy, role models for recovery, and establish an environment of acceptance, empathy, and encouragement. Support group facilitators teach coping mechanisms, help with stress management, help survivors effectively manage their emotions around assault, promote self-esteem, reduce self-blame, and foster peer connections. Since 2007, BAWAR has facilitated support groups in Spanish. 100% of surveyed participants in our latest support groups agreed that the groups reduced stress, increased self-esteem, helped dealing with triggers and diverse feelings, eliminated self-blame, decreased states of acute crisis, and improved their mental health. In addition, 100% of participants agreed that they were able to form positive connections with facilitators and participants and felt that BAWAR provided a safe and culturally sensitive environment where they were able to share their feelings freely and with confidence.


Every year BAWAR takes children that have been sexually abused and immerse them in a 4-5 day healing camping trip. The scope of the camp is to help surviving youth with their non-offending parents build family unity after incest.


BAWAR’s Latino Program provides accompaniments to the hospital, police station, and courtroom. Many survivors report difficulty in their interactions with police and the legal system after choosing to report an assault. Survivors are often asked to provide detailed accounts of the traumatic experience to multiple parties in multiple venues, including medical staff, police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and in the courtroom. Our advocates’ goal is to help survivors manage their stress during these interactions, help them return to pre-assault levels of functioning, minimize re-traumatization, and provide information about legal policies and procedures that will enable survivors to make decisions in their best interest. BAWAR provided 92 hours of accompaniment to Latino survivors of sexual abuse in Alameda County. 100% of surveyed survivors who received accompaniment services in South County agreed that having an advocate by their side helped them to feel less stressed, less anxious, less triggered, empowered, eliminated re-traumatization and felt more confident with the criminal justice process.


Our approach to advocacy ensures that survivors’ interests are represented and their rights upheld. The presence of an advocate helps ensure that marginalized and underserved Latino survivors receive the care and services that they need, and makes sure their voices be heard. Advocacy in rape crisis centers has proven to reduce secondary victimization and Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS). 100% of survivors who requested advocacy services at BAWAR and were surveyed agreed that having an advocate present reduced RTS and triggers, and improved their mental health, while 98% agreed that advocacy from BAWAR lowered stress, and empowered them.


BAWAR’s Latino Program has established partnerships and protocols with many government, private, and public community organizations that help spanish-speaking sexual abuse survivors navigate the criminal justice system after.


Every year BAWAR’s Latino Program recruits and trains 25 community members as California State Certified Rape Crisis Counselors. The 72-hour course teaches participants advocacy and counseling skills necessary to provide effective crisis intervention and resources to survivors of sexual abuse in Alameda County.


The Latino Program launches an outreach campaign  in the Latino communities of Alameda County every fiscal year.  BAWAR’s Spanish outreach campaign successfully educates adults and children in the county about the importance of breaking the silence of sexual abuse. BAWAR’s Spanish campaign reaches over 100,000 individuals through presentations, tablings, live radio shows, and posters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kristina Molina, Program Manager at 510-430-1298 ext. 301.

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