In 1993, Inner Wheel of San Leandro came to us with the offer to supply new clothing to rape survivors who go through the forensic exam where their clothing is taken as evidence.

Inner Wheel International is one of the largest women’s volunteer organizations in the world. They are in 103 countries, have 3,895 clubs and over 100,000 members.  Inner Wheel U. S. A. members spread friendship, understanding and encourage personal service.

For more than a decade, Inner Wheel of San Leandro has been providing sexual assault survivors with “Kare Kits” which include new sweatpants, sweat shirts, underwear, socks, prepasted toothbrush, wipes, a comb and a healthy snack (donated by Clif Bar).

What Survivors say: “Really, for me?”, “You mean I can keep them?” “They are so cozy; it feels like a big hug.”  Speaking with a survivor a week later, “I have been wearing the sweats you gave me every day; they are only thing I feel safe in.”

Thank you Inner Wheel of San Leandro for showing survivors that the community cares!


Thank you to the Inner Wheel San Leandro members appearing in the pictures above:

Susan Russello
Shirley Davini
Gloria Vasconcellos
Linda Mahadevan
Renie Bartolini
Carole Rogers
Kathi Gaab
Lola Chase
Kristina Seher
Rosanna Malcom
Adrienne Gilmore
Susan Hollister

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