The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) provides a coordinated response to reports of sexual assault with survivor centered case management.

We follow the survivor from the forensic exam through a possible court case, and provide in-person counseling, advocacy, accompaniment, help with Victim Of Crime (VOC) forms, and support when needed.

The SART team is composed of:

  1. Law enforcement, both the responding officer and the sexual assault investigator.
  2. BAWAR rape crisis counselor/advocate will support the survivor through the medical and legal process.
  3. Physician’s assistant (PA) or registered nurse (RN) who will see to medical needs and collect physical evidence.
  4. Victim witness consultant who provides support during the criminal justice process.
  5. District Attorney (DA) who will prosecute any criminal charges against the perpetrator.

The SART team offers comprehensive strategies to increase survivor safety and offender accountability. We believe that by providing higher standards of care and evidence collection we can positively impact the survivor’s healing. Ultimately, this will increase the prosecution of sex offenders, which will reduce the incidence of rape.

Learn about Sexual Assault:

Sexual assaults perpetrated on adults and children are often crimes of violence, control and power. A rapist does not assault someone because of overwhelming sexual desire. They assault to humiliate and degrade in the most personal way.

If you have been sexually assaulted, you have survived a horrible ordeal and you are a survivor. Whether committed by a stranger, spouse, intimate partner or acquaintance, that person has committed a crime. You are not alone and help is available to you at no charge.

Reaching out is an important step. Immediate medical care is essential. A prompt report to local law enforcement may help provide you peace of mind and prevent future victims.


If you need to talk to someone,

or have questions please call our 24-hour Crisis Hotline at: 510-845-7273