Tax Check-Off Is Here But We Need Your Help

Tax Check-off Flyer

Dear Ebridge Members:

I am thrilled to announce that the California Sexual Violence Victims Service Fund is included on the 2014 California State Tax Return. Our legislative success means that through this tax check-off together we can now raise money specifically for the work done by California rape crisis centers!
As part of CALCASA’s focus on creating new California funding streams for sexual assault intervention and prevention, we secured the assistance of former Senator Mark DeSaulnier as author of the bill (SB 782) and actively worked with legislators to gain their support by educating them on the urgency of this funding mechanism. Many of you assisted by sending support letters, meeting with legislators at the local level and making phone calls when needed. We now need each of you to work equally hard to ensure that we retain the check-off.
The tax check-off requires that we meet and maintain a threshold of contributions, otherwise we will be removed from the tax form. CALCASA staff alone cannot make the passage of SB 782 a longstanding success.  We need to very thoughtfully work together over the long-term. We need to make the tax check-off opportunity a daily conversation and embed it in all of our materials, talking points, and social media efforts. As President Obama said at the Grammy Awards “It’s on us.” 
Here is an opportunity for each of us to take our frustration over the lack of funding for services and education and direct it at becoming part of the solution. Please consult with your Executive Directors about how you or your organization may develop a plan. CALCASA will host a web conference next Thursday February 19, 2:00 pm, wherein we will outline our plan. We ask that you participate.  In the meantime, here is what we ask you to do now.
Today we need each of you to: 
  • Send an email blast to all of your contacts notifying them of the tax check-off opportunity (see the attached flyer in PDF and PDF formats)
  • Attach the following banner to your Facebook pages and websites (see attached
  1. Join the Tax Check-off Web conference on Thursday, February 19, 2pm to learn more about this fund and obtain additional tools (no need to register) 
    1-888-447-7153 Passcode; 229 252



Together we can create a new funding stream!

Sandra Henriquez, Executive Director
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)